How to Maintain A Spiritual Practice While Traveling

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Whenever I travel I find myself so involved in the adventure that I forget to practice my daily spiritual habits. But it is crucial to continue these spiritual practices in order to stay grounded and connected to our authentic selves. Maintaining a spiritual practice while traveling keeps you in tune with your body’s wants and needs and provides a higher sense of intuition for safe travels.

Here are some of my favorite spiritual practices:

Watch the sunrise to wipe away jet lag

This aligns your body with the time zone change.

Recite ten things you’re thankful for at sunset

Here’s an example of my ten:
-My family for always supporting me
-My friends for their laughter and loyalty
-My ability to drop everything and see the world
-Farmers’ markets with organic produce readily available
-My education, formal and informal
-My American passport, that allows me to travel anywhere without a visa
-My good health that allows me to focus on others’ health goals
-My able moving body
-Record players that make Simon and Garfunkel present in my room
Organic Tampons that support healthy female hygiene

Write down a question you have before bed

The answer will come in the morning.

How to Maintain a Spiritual Practice While Traveling

Journal each day, everyday

Buy a fun journal with a cute quote on the front that motivates you to write! Or make one on your own with this DIY guide.

Eat what your body needs, not what it wants

High volumes of dark leafy greens, colorful fruits and vegetables with high fat, and high protein plant-based eats are best for the traveler’s body. Follow me on Instagram to see some of my favorite recipes and eats.

Attend the local yoga classes

See how other people stretch and move in the cultures you stumble upon.Look at the bulletin boards of new happenings going on for spiritual spontaneity

Usually in coffee shops or on bus stops you can find flyers of the local events. While traveling in Florence, Italy I found a flyer that featured a chocolate festival! I was super happy that I found that event!

Meditate each morning

One of my favorite morning rituals is the half-minute-intention-setter meditation. Inhale for 10 seconds, hold for 10 seconds and exhale for 10 seconds. During this exercise recite your favorite mantras. My mantra’s are: To life, to love, to a good heart

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