Divine Feminine

by Katy Ibur

Divine Feminine energy usually gets a bad rep as it is traditionally correlated with “receptive” or “negative” energy. However, when I first heard this, I wrongfully assumed that “receptive” and “negative” were “less than”, especially when compared to the “aggressive”, “positive” qualities of masculine energy--qualities that our society puts on a pedestal. This societal belief that feminine energy is “less than” masculine energy, made me feel that to be an “empowered”, respected woman, I had to solely embody these “aggressive” masculine qualities. This led to a life of constant pushing for achievement and an obsessive need to control everything in my life. I felt burnt out--physically, mentally and spiritually. Through my studies of applied metaphysics and my spiritual practices, I came to understand that there was another way. By connecting with the Divine Feminine, we can create in a more expansive and collaborative way.

In our quest to connect to the Divine Feminine, we first need to reframe the judgmental societal messaging around this energy. We have been programmed to view “receptivity” and “negative” as bad and weak. This energy is anything but weak. This energy is the epitome of  inner strength.

We need this inner strength to attract the things we want in life. Think about a time in your life when you created something you felt proud of. Did you create this thing in a vacuum or did people help you? Did you encounter obstacles and then by the end, it all seemed to work out? Maybe the timing lined up perfectly? This synchronistic energy is the magic of the Divine Feminine, assisting you in creating your dream life.

This Divine Feminine energy receives your dreams and then germinates your seed desire--spiritually preparing you and the universe for the manifestation of your desires. The only thing we must do is surrender to her Divine Will and RECEIVE her gifts.

If we can receive from the Divine Goddess, we don’t have to push so much to get the things we want most in life. We won’t have as much stress and adrenal fatigue and creative blockages. But first we must harmonize with the Divine Feminine’s timing. This timing can be instantaneous (or slower than we wish); it all depends on our lack of resisting the reception of the higher energy vibrations, and then being willing to shift lower vibrational energies and limiting beliefs out of the way.

When we step into a new vision of our Self that feels exciting--scary--out of our comfort zone, the Divine Feminine will be there to support our dreams. However, we need to witness our “shadow side” first. The shadow side are the wounded parts of us that want us to remain the same--want us to be separate and alone and not believe in the power of our abilities to live our true dharma.

The Divine Feminine protects you and gives us strength during the journey into the shadow. She holds the repressed memories, emotions and belief patterns in the shadow self, keeping them safe and repressed until we are ready to go into the darkness, witness them, give them compassion and lovingly release them.

Once we can view the shadow or ugly sides of us without developing an attitude of inferiority, we are free to step into a greater, expanded vision of who we truly want to embody.

Here are some way we can connect with our divine feminine energies:

  • Group creations

  • Talk about your desires often to attract collaborative energies to assist you

  • Release attachment to outcomes

  • Trust that The Universe/Source/God/the Divine Feminine are all looking out for you and that everything will work out in perfect order

  • Meditate regularly (Silent meditation is the ultimate act of receptivity, so this will help you to connect to being more receptive)

  • Walk in nature

  • Research and integrate themes from tarot, astrology, the occult

  • Explore sexual ritual

  • Harmonize with the energy of the moon

Wanting to learn to connect with the Divine Feminine in a more structured, supported manner? Email Katy Ibur at kispiritbalance@gmail.com for more information.

BIO: Katy Ibur is an astrologer, divine intimacy coach and metaphysical educator, originally from St. Louis, MO. She is passionate about using astrology and applied metaphysics to enhance Self understanding, Self healing (especially the emotions), and deepen Self intimacy. She received her Bachelor's in Psychology from Macalester College with a Women, Gender & Sexulity Studies minor. Katy also received her Respondere and taught the Mastery of Consciousness Course all through the School of Metaphysics. She has taught numerous workshops and classes on astrology, applied metaphysics, creative writing, healthy sexuality, and meditation. Katy is also a lover of Acroyoga, energy work and reading in coffee shops. If you would love more guidance on embracing "shadow work" and creating deeper relationships with your Self and others, email Katy atkispiritbalance@gmail.com for a free consultation.

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