• Columbia University, New York, Masters earned in Clinical Psychology and Education with concentration in Spirituality, Mind and Body connection

  • Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach

  • Certified Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance while in Kerala, India

  • Completed 250+ hours of meditation at School of Divine India Ashram

  • Israel Educator through the icenter and Shoreshim

About Erin

Welcome friends *Bowed Head* thankful to have you here!

Much of my journey revolves around looking for a remedy to our current human experience.

After undergrad, I worked in corporate marketing in Chicago while leading immersive experiences to Israel and Europe in the summer.

The happiness and health that comes as a side effect of a retreat led to me understanding that humans need regular reminders to take a step back and breathe; we must have days that are different from our orderly, regimented schedule.

I searched for a holistic protocol that would aid in some of the stress and anxiety I was seeing. In that same breath, I noticed the younger generations were suffering as well, if not at a more rapid pace with the increase in social media and unrealistic beauty standards.

My journey took me to the Middle East where I learned to live off the land, eat intuitively and holistically, reconnect to my lineage and understand the diverse levels of conflict.

This led me to India. I served in the slums of Mumbai and educated youth on hygiene and women on self-empowerment. While in India, I spent significant amount of time in silence, lived in many ashrams and spiritual centers and studied meditation,  Ayurveda and yogic philosophy.

Upon returning to the states, I began my Masters in Clinical Psychology and Education at Columbia University. Here I studied the marriage between clinical psychology and spiritual practice.

Today, I offer a series of workshops based on my findings; a blend of programming that's rooted in meditation and mindfulness, and its partnership with positive psychology and emotional intelligence. I also offer one-on-one personal development, business coaching and group retreats.

In authentic truth, I believe I learned a skill that must be shared. Meditation is life-altering, and I'd adore sharing the practice with you.

Walking softly,