3. Pleasure as a pathway to peace interview with Dana Arielle

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In this podcast we speak with Dana Arielle intimacy coach, yoga, and meditation teacher plus pleasure expert. We talk about orgasm and pleasure, Taoism, issues in our tissues, receiving vibration through this podcast, and jade egg and other pleasure tools. Check it!

About Dana: Dana has traveled the world as an intimacy coach, yoga, and meditation teacher in the jungles of Southeast Asia, Hawaii, and Manhattan. Her innovative approach utilizes pleasure as a pathway for self-actualization. She has been seen teaching meditation on major television networks such as CNN, Fox News and Telemundo.

Dana has been recognized by Yoga Journal for her service work abroad, living as a teaching artist at an orphanage for Burmese refugees in Thailand. A lifelong poet, dancer and artist with a passion for social justice, Dana has a bachelor’s degree in Creative Arts Therapy, and a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and Education from Columbia University.

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