6: Normalizing mystical experiences and intuitive healing with Peri Zarrella


The definition of perinormal is “Having previously been thought to be a paranormal phenomenon, but having since been scientifically verified as natural.”

At 8 years old, Peri survived a near-death experience only to encounter her life in a new light; white light. Living in the physical and energetic worlds as one, her experiences with psychic intuition and communication with spirits have been mystifying, terrifying and, at times, just plain awkward. As documented from childhood, including journal entries as a teenager, this is her normal; Perinormal. Now in her 20’s, Peri is a graduate of Columbia University’s Masters Degree Program in Clinical Psychology and Education from the Spirituality Mind Body Institute. Peri continues to deepen her understanding of energy as the common thread that links all of us to the past, present, and future.

 Peri continues to learn how and why she is a conduit for energy, and what role she plays in empowering herself and others throughout her journey. There is a special place in her heart for children and their families looking to navigate similar “perinormal” experiences.

Her company Guided Integration  and Perinormal Instagram: @guidedintegration 

In this podcast we talk about near death experiences, past lives, choosing our parents, schizophrenia, writing a book and living on this earth as a psychic intuitive.

Erin Doppelt