8: Rituals + LifeHacks solo podcast with host Erin Rachel Doppelt

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In this solo podcast #8 Erin talks about the healing life hacks and rituals she shares and personalizes with her clients. This is a deep conversation speaking to morning and evening rituals that have the power to change your day and ultimately your life. Erin speaks about welcoming the morning with breath, water, the 5 elements, movement and tea. She also speaks about supplements and how to intuitively know what is best for your body while grocery shopping. This podcast focuses on multiple ways to stay grounded, centered, and present throughout your day and how to end the day with ease and grace. This is a super important listen if you struggle with body image, limiting beliefs and anxiety or stress. Please let us know what you think by commenting your favorite rituals and life hacks that support your life. @erinrdoppelt www.erinracheldoppelt.com

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Erin Doppelt