11: You're not going to say the wrong thing to the right person, With Zo Flamenbaum

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Zo Flamenbaum is a writer, wanderer and power woman who facilitates safe spaces for humans to learn, express and be themselves, just as they are. With the heart of a hippie and the grind of an entrepreneur, Zo founded School of Shine based on her own need for creative expression, deep conversation and mindful connection. School of Shine shares brave ways humans can exercise their minds, make healthier choices, and live with higher purpose. Experiences include wellness workshops, writing retreats, community festivals, and delightful online adventures. School of Shine has empowered thousands to develop and renew their inner strength and belief systems in order to lead their own purposeful lives. In this podcast with talk about Israel, communication with different languages and emojis, dating in 2019, speaking and connecting to truth while also showing up for self. Check out Zo @schoolofshine

Erin Doppelt