9: Cycle Syncing and Understanding your Natural Rhythm with Stefanie Adler

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In this podcast we have Stefanie Alder. Stefanie Adler is a Nourishing Experience Creator, Wellness Consultant, Natural Chef and Founder of Bright Bean Health. At her core she is passionate about the intersection of physical and spiritual wellness, believing that nourishing the body and soul through whole foods, self-love, and community, and is essential to wellness. She has been passionate about health and wellness, and the relationship between diet and health since a young age, when she healed years of digestive trouble with dietary modifications. Stefanie has a special interest in women's hormones and gut health. She specializes in helping her client's form healthy relationships with food and their own inner voice, creating a sustainable lifestyle around healthy living, and working together to find the root cause of factors that may be contributing to their current state of health. Stefanie empowers others to be their most authentic selves through health and wellness, when you are in sync with your body, your potential is limitless. 

We speak about the importance of orgasm, seed cycle to increase estrogen and progesterone, connecting and understanding what your vaginal discharge means and what it is saying about your body. Stef educates on gut health and types of foods to consume to balance out our hormones. This podcast focuses on cycle syncing and understanding the follicular, ovulation, luteal and menstrual cycle and different ways to increase productivity and self-connection through your cycle. Please let us know if you cycle sync and how this supports your best life.


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