18:"Normal White People," Dismantling Racism, and Back to Basics Healing with Lola Wright

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Lola Wright is a Chicago original, born and raised. As CEO and Spiritual Director, Lola engages change agents and explorers locally and around the world. Lola is a fierce and loving leader who serves as a lightning rod for individual transformation in service of collective awakening. She supports leaders and disruptors in expanding their capacity for influence and impact. She is a master excavator of the subconscious mind, the soul, and serves humanity through a devotional practice to liberation. Lola’s work confronts the lie of separation, the addiction to woundedness and the violence of oppression. One of Lola’s great areas of genius is her willingness to practice candor from a place of love and contribution. Lola is the founder of "Normal white people." a platform designed to deconstruct racism among white identified people., she is a member of the Leadership Council of The Association for Global New Thought founded by mentor and friend Michael Bernard Beckwith of Agape International Spiritual Center, a member of the Chicago Ideas Brain Trust, and a May 2019 TedXChicago speaker. In addition to the soul salve that Lola provides her clients and community she is the mama bear of four kids ages 21 to 7. Lola and her husband Nathan are master practitioners of the mundane. They are committed to learning with and through each other and see their partnership as their greatest transformational tool. Lola is fed by connecting with other human beings committed to aliveness and knows that Life is an extraordinary journey. Her love of human beings inspires her meditation practice and the value she places on stillness. Lola’s powerful presence is an exquisite experience of passion, purpose, and practice.

In this episode we talk about spirituality and some of Lola’s practices you can move into to heal right now. We speak about the heart to the heavens, racism, authentic social media, and the realness behind spirituality. 

7 Spiritual Practices 

Bodhi Center 

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