20: Hypnosis and Getting to the Root of Wellness with Danna Pycher

Danna Pycher canva edit.png

In another special episode of the wise woman podcast, guest host Zo Flamenbaum sits down and has a chat with Dana Pycher.

Danna is an international motivational speaker as featured on TEDx, hypnotherapist, and founder of the Transformation Clinic. She specializes in healing trauma, stress/anxiety, autoimmune disorders and weight loss. She works with people from around the world to help them overcome underlying emotional issues that created or aggravate physical distress.

She now offers certification courses to become hypnosis practitioners, as well as, trained in her specific method she uses to work with autoimmune illness.

Her highly acclaimed self-healing courses for autoimmune recovery, weight loss, and emotional mastery can be found here: www.courses.dannapycher.com These courses offer a strategized healing of the mind to naturally, effortlessly, and easily shift our behaviors.

If you are interested in learning more about working with Danna, healing events, courses, or becoming a practitioner please visit www.dannapycher.com or email at bttcoaching@gmail.com.

Erin Doppelt