23: Wait, Am I An Adult Now? with Sivon and Shelby

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Shelby is a multi-passionate young millennial who serves in both the corporate world & the world of personal development. Her day to day job is as the Sales Development & Training Coordinator for Vector Marketing, which is really just a fancy title for her role as a Corporate Coach; in this role, she works with Vector's most junior managers and equips them to step into their power as leaders. Outside of her day job, she is the co-host of the 'Wait, Am I An Adult Now?' podcast, which aims to tell the stories of young millennials as they're still being written. In addition to the podcast, she is the recent founder of 'Naked Networking', a networking event that brings women together & through removing their make-up, effectively removes their 'masks'. She is passionate about female empowerment and building communities of young, ambitious, like-minded women to collaborate & connect!

Sivon Pichoto is the founder of TRU57; an unlimited graphic design service that gives back to small business. She is also the co-host of the podcast "Wait, Am I An Adult Now?" which highlights the stories of young Millennials in the making of their success. After graduating from Temple University with a degree in Marketing, she decided to reject the 9-5 working lifestyle in order to pursue a freelance career in graphic design, branding, and cinematography. After years of self-teaching and turning her creative skills into her own business, she now coaches others on how to start a creative-based business for themselves; not only by providing mentorship and mindset coaching, but by building out their brand and online presence for launch. Her personal podcast "Creating from Within" also serves as a resource for individuals who seek to understand the connection between spiritual growth and business success. You can connect with Sivon through Instagram @SivonDemi or on her website at www.sivondemi.com

In this podcast we talk about trusting your intuition and saying hi to strangers, how your job after college does not predict the rest of your life and taking off the masks we wear to connect to vulnerability. We also speak on the meaningful pause and taking a break to reconnect to life and realizing that this wild and silly life is adulting.

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