21: Woo Woo Rock n Roll Spirituality and Saying Fuck Off to Everything Else with Biet Simkin

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Biet is a Rock and Roll Spiritual Teacher who pulls out the heart in people through her explosive story, music, and global meditation experiences. She has 30+ years of study of ancient spiritual principles which she has just released in an easy to read and digest book entitled 'Don't Just Sit There!' with Simon & Schuster. You can find her at bietsimkin.comor @guidedbybiet on Instagram. 

In this podcast we talk about Don’t Just Sit There  Biet’s new book, we speak about the law of equals, some other super woo woo spiritual laws, attracting the life you most desire by saying fuck off to earthing else. We chat about ordering an enlightened baby, how to recognize that you’re awesome, sobriety, and being a vessel for a higher connection. @guidedbybiet 

Erin Doppelt