31: Leaning into Sisterhood with Nisha Moodley

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Nisha Moodley is a leadership coach and the founder of Global Sisterhood Day. She integrates healing modalities such as breathwork and Family Constellations, with health & executive coaching, to support her clients in becoming more effective, courageous, heartfelt leaders in their lives and work.

Nisha works with ambitious women who feel deeply called to serve our world, and to do it without sacrificing their relationships, wellbeing, or our planet in the process. She’s been a coach for over a decade, leading mastermind groups, online courses, and over 30 retreats. You can find her online at NishaMoodley.com

In this podcast we talk about time constructs, emotional eating, connecting to the body, Global Sisterhood Day, leaning into women and deepening your relationships with women. We also connect on leadership, how you feel called to serve, rituals of connecting to your body and nature. Nisha also speaks to being with other people when you feel sad as opposed to isolating yourself. We touched on our internal north stars and finding your soul crew.

Erin Doppelt