32: 50 Different Name for a Witch with Tonya Gonzalez

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Tonya Gonzalez (née Melendez) was Voted # 3 Psychic in the World - International Psychic Battle Season 11 (2012) - STB TV Kiev, Ukraine (European Syndication- Replays). She is a Licensed Spiritual Counselor, a born Psychic Medium, a Best Selling Author, Tarot Expert, Certified Yoga Instructor and Healer. Tonya was born as a Cancer/Leo Cusp during a partial solar eclipse. Currently residing in the psychic seaport of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with artist husband, 28 year daughter, CFO + Brand Manager and 4 cats.

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In this episode we talk about A Course in Miracles, Eat Pray Love, meeting Elizabeth Gilbert, becoming the #3 psychic in the world, and healing that needs to occur right now. We also connect on showing up for your best performance for any job you may have whether a bus boy, waiter or tarot card reader

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