33: Sex, Trauma and Evolved Relationships with Dr. Cat Meyers

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Guest host Fern Olivia of the Sensual Intelligence Podcast, speaks with sex therapist Dr. Cat Meyer to talk about the secrets of happy relationships, how to integrate fantasy and tantra into your daily life and to strengthen your bond as a couple, and her own rituals for sensuality and pleasure.

Dr. Cat Meyer is a licensed sex and trauma therapist, yoga instructor, and reiki practitioner dedicated to evolving the relationship we have surrounding sexuality and our bodies. Dr. Cat integrates various schools of thought including science, body movement, psychology, and spirituality in her work for private practice and transformational retreats that are designed to help people create a deeply fulfilling, prosperous relational and sexual life.

Co-creator of Goddess Celebration, an annual large scale women's day retreat held in Malibu, CA, dedicated to uplifting and celebrating the goddess in every women while including the men who honor us.

Co-producer of Sexycises, Yin Yang Yoga

Cohost to Eat Play Sex podcast

What makes me unique is that I have a balance of academic intelligence and embodied playful essence that can be powerful language for others to receive messages or experience more personal freedom.

Website: CatMeyer.com

IG: sexloveyoga

Youtube: sexloveyoga

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drcatmeyer/

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