34: Fundamentals of Coaching with Lorraine Hamilton

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Lorraine Hamilton's clients call her their 'secret weapon' as she busts through their mindset blocks with expert precision.

She's the lead trainer and owner of the globally recognised and ICF accredited Coach School, where aspiring coaches formalise their training without compromising their individuality.

Lorraine is guest contributor to Emmy-award winner Natalie MacNeil's Conquer Club Incubator and Coach Certification, as well as being the resident coach at ROOOAR Magazine.

She is a multi-award winning entrepreneur, mindset expert at the Foundations of Healthy Living Retreat in New Zealand and the author of "Thin[k] Program: The Smart Woman's Guide to Effortless Weightloss”.

In this podcast we talk about which track to choose for yourself: Coaching vs becoming a therapist. We speak about pricing for coaches to charge based on their ideal audience and serving both men and women clients. We also speak about the excitement of people showing up and becoming coaches or life strategist and being in service to their clients.

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