38: The difference between Sensuality & Sensuality, with Shaman Alyson Charles

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Alyson Charles is a Conscious Lifestyle Guide and Television Host (aka Rockstar Shaman).

Alyson went from being a national champion athlete, #1-rated radio host and national daytime television talk show host to aligning with her calling as a shaman after a traumatic moment provided her awakening.

Since then, her ability to share ancient sacred wisdom and divine energy and be a powerful catalyst for change has ignited a global phenomenon, with Oprah Magazine naming her a "Top Meditation," Forbes naming her “One of the Reasons Practical Magic is the New Frontier of Mindfulness,” Huffington Post championing her as “A Top Limit-Breaking Female Founder” and Marie Claire Magazine selecting her as the cover story and her work being featured as "The Next Big Thing."

On this episode of Sensual Intelligence, Alyson shares her intimate journey from being an all-star athlete and feeling disconnected from her body and purpose, to blossoming into a radiant, aligned, magnetic woman. We also talked about some of my super intimate rituals, including turning myself on through "clitoral fluttering."

Erin Doppelt