35: Connecting to Your Soul Compass with Vitina Blumenthal

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Vitina Blumenthal is a self-discovery enthusiast, entrepreneur, founder of WanderfulSoul & host of the Soul Compasss podcast.

Her passion is helping women discover their inner greatness and live your best life by finding your authentic, confident voice; tapping into vast reserves of clarity, focus & creativity, and silencing the inner critic that lives inside all of us and destroys our dreams.

Her approach uses methods from self-development and Eastern mindfulness traditions brought into the reality of our modern Western lifestyle.

Vitina is a self-discovery educator, host of Soul Compass podcast, and certified Yoga instructor who has been featured in Marie Claire, The Globe and Mail, TrendHunter and more. After a successful (yet stressful) career in the music industry, she began her journey of discovery in an Ashram in India.

She has since dedicated the last seven years travelling throughout India, South East Asia and Central America developing and leading wellness programs and retreats. Her love is helping others incorporate Eastern mindfulness traditions and healing practices into our modern Western lifestyle.

She continues to learn from renowned wellness thought leaders and more formally studied Mindfulness at the University of Toronto. It’s her lifework to infuse practical mindfulness tools into modern everyday life to guide women to live aligned to their purpose.

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In this podcast we talk about leading retreats around the world, wild stories from living in India, being able to say “I am uncomfortable,” and dating as a conscious female entrepreneur. We also connect on transformation that occurs on an immersive experience, morning kriyas to heal anxiety, our thoughts on what is acceptable in our cultures and how to show up for yourself daily.

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