Mindfulness, Food & Spirituality in Israel

Summer 2020


This special journey is rooted in the spiritual traditions of Judaism and other faiths that call this ancient land home. Led by acclaimed yoga and mindfulness instructor, Erin Rachel Doppelt, together we’ll experience the very best of Israel as part of a journey of personal discovery inspired by the Jewish value of cheshbon nefesh – accounting of the soul.

Highlights include hiking along waterfalls in the Golan Heights, meditating under the stars in the desert, and practicing yoga on the sandy beaches of Tel Aviv. Through this program, you'll learn to build your own healthful rituals to keep you in the flow long after the 10-day trip. Come away with a new appreciation for the richness of Jewish heritage and a connection to the beauty of this Holy Land.





  • Ancient and modern Jerusalem
  • Negev and Judean Deserts
  • Sea of Galilee and Golan Heights
  • Tel Aviv and the Mediterranean Coast
  • The Dead Sea and Masada
  • The mystical city of Tsfat


  • Camel trek and desert tent dinner
  • Raft down the Jordan River (summer)
  • Explore archeological tunnels
  • Beach time and night life in Tel Aviv
  • Browse colorful open-air markets
  • Cool off under a desert oasis waterfall


  • Watch the sunrise from Masada
  • Gain a new perspective at Yad VaShem
  • Celebrate an Israeli-style Shabbat
  • Be inspired by models of co-existence
  • Experience floating in the Dead Sea


  • Bond with fellow travelers from home
  • Forge friendships with local Israelis
  • Gain insights from your staff team
  • Discover a rich culture and diverse people
  • Experience current events first hand
  • Develop a deeper sense of perspective
This trip was more amazing than I every could have imagined it to be. I learned so much from the trip leaders and really connected with my spirituality.
— Alyssa - Previous Participant