Cherished women’s circle

Cherished women’s circle

Ladies who want radical shifts in 2020
Soul Immersion

Meditation : Spirituality : Positive Psychology : Nutrition : Connection : Creativity : Nourishment : Depth

This JOURNEY is for soul-centered, empathic and highly-motivated people who are interested in connecting more deeply to themselves, their spirituality, their health and to the world around them. This IMMERSION is for the person who wants BIG shifts in 2020 and desires to learn about eastern and western practices that can help you get there. You, love, Yes!

This SOUL program is for a small + intimate group of soul women who are committed to checking in deeply with themselves so they can carry out important, authentic and soul-centered intentions while living a mindful and happy life. We will start with our fundamental groundings and work our way up the Chakra (energy) system through positive psychology, soul mapping, meditation and transpersonal psychotherapy.

Does this sound like you…

* I am a person that wants to lead others.
* I am a person that loves the marriage of Eastern and Western thought.
*I am open to diving deep within myself.
* I am here to honor my wildest and deepest desires.
* I give a shit about my body and want to learn new ways to feed it.
* I see that when I hit an obstacle there are multiple ways to overcome it.
* I take care of my finances and spend money on experiences and things that nourish my soul.
* I inquire about my lineage and those who came before me.
* I honor rituals and am open to bringing them into my life.
* I am a role model to young women.
* I respect other people and appreciate the journey that they are on.
* I am coachable, open to shifting my own thought patterns and ready for change.

Are you saying Hell YAS to the list above?! Then please read on!

How it flows:

  • We will connect once a week for 12 weeks at 8 am CST on a virtual platform.

    • Each call will start a meditation.

      • Week 1: Who you are and how you like to show up. Releasing some of the past, welcoming what is to come and beginning the journey through the SOUL PROGRAM.

      • Week 2: Connecting to the red, first Chakra, base of the spine, our basic needs and the base of Maslow’s hierarchy, safety, security, comfort, and realizing which of your basic needs are and are not being met. Making the unconscious conscious.

      • Week 3: Connecting to the orange, second Chakra, the pelvis + hips, desire, inspiration and creativity. Understanding the female body, connecting to your femininity, sex, hormonal balance, manifesting with the womb, and creating your career, relationship and life.

      • Week 4: Connecting to the yellow, third Chakra, the stomach, ego, self-identity, actions, digestion and role vs. soul conflict.

      • Week 5: Continued Connection to the Third Chakra and the Psychology of eating

      • Week 6: Connecting to the green, fourth Chakra, the heart, love, authentic emotion, self love and self appreciation. Showing up for love in your life, artist dates, and self romance.

      • Week 7: Continued connection to the fourth chakra the heart and Ayurveda

      • Week 8: Connecting to the blue, fifth Chakra, the throat, how we speak and express, conversations about using our voice. How you sing your song and chant your prayers, the vibration of asking and being a woman with a loud, heard, and adored voice.

      • Week 9: Connecting to the indigo, sixth Chakra, the third eye centered, intuition, manifestation, and calling in what you most desire. Connecting to your true inner knowing, how to access it and then moving forward.

      • Week 10: Connecting to the violet, seventh Chakra, speaking to the most authentic version of you. A course on how you choose to connect, honoring your specific lineage and all those who have come before you.

      • Week 11: Integration and piecing together all we learned to continue showing up for ourselves and the world around us. Leading with grace, truthfulness and authenticity.

      • Week 12: Choosing which pieces of the SOUL PROGRAM to keep through the rest of the year to live a connected and nourishing life.

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Why is this connected to the New Moon?
The New Moon is often referred to as “The Women’s Holiday” and a time for women to come together and speak about what they care most about. The New Moon is also connected to the Woman’s cycle (menstruation or moon system) allowing women to tap into their natural rhythm and sync up with mother earth. It is also a time where we cut through the bullshit and speak with rawness and integrity.

I’m not big on speaking in a virtual group setting, is that ok?
Of course! You leaning back, observing, and taking in what you need is fabulous. All learning types are welcome.

What if I don’t do social media like Facebook?
The magic happens during our calls and the optional whatsapp group for added support. We highly encourage you to create an account just for logging in and connecting with the group.

What if I miss a call?
No worries! We will record the video and send it to you 48hrs after the group chat. You will be able to listen to it when it fits your schedule.

What kind of meditation and breath work will we practice? Do I need prior meditation knowledge?
We will practice active meditation practices that will increase oxygen in the body and slow down the nervous system and mind. Some other practices we will work with will be Wim Hof Method and Kundalini exercises. You need no prior meditation experience.