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I am ready for a peaceful mind

Today, the message is clear. There has never been a better time to start meditating.

There are many stressors and uncertainties happening in the world right now. You may feel anxious every time you watch the news or stressed when you think too far into the future. 

Having your own devoted meditation practice gives you the support to:

  • Relax your nervous system
  • Meditate anywhere you go, wherever you choose to go
  • Increase your immunity
  • Choose a powerful positive thought over a negative 
  • Shift into a healthier Headspace with a few breathes or movements
  • Connect to situations mindfully, grounded and balanced
  • Feel confident in your ability to remain calm, centered and present

Having a devoted meditation practice sounds incredible, right?! Truthfully, it can be a hard goal to achieve on your own without the right mentorship, knowledge and community for support.  

Here is your invitation to:

UpLevel Meditation

A 28-day guided online meditation course for the person ready to release stress and anxiety and build a dedicated and powerful meditation practice. 

In this 28-Day program, meditators receive the unique UpLevel Meditation formula built to support all level of meditators in reaching a healthful and calm headspace.

Okay, now for some honest chit-chat

Meditation is not as simple as downloading an app and waiting for the peaceful effects to wear in. (Although, wow, it would be amazing if that was the case!)

Maybe you promised yourself on January 1st of every year that your New Year's Resolution would be to meditate daily. And then slowly February rolls around and you lost your meditate streak completely. 

Perhaps you do have a meditation practice, yet the meditation sequences don't feel aligned with who you are and they don't offer the long-term benefits you were hoping for.

Meanwhile you're moving throughout your day staying busy and distracted only to allow stress and anxiety to build up before you realize that you didn't yet meditate today.

UpLevel Meditation is for the person ready to truly learn how to meditate and keep the practice for life. 

I get it, you want to live a mindful and happy life! I understand because I wanted that life too. I was deeply interested in cultivating a practice that would support me during the darker/colder months, enrich my connection to self and help me overcome anxiety and stress.

My clinical psychology and education background, mixed with my travels living in India showed me that there is not one way to meditate. This is why I am sharing diverse modalities to support you in radically finding the best practices for you.

Within this course you will experience the UpLevel Meditation practices. This is the exact formula I use to transform the lives of thousands of people and my own life. 

A side effect of completing this course is decreased stress and anxiety, increased awareness, happiness and improved sleep. 

When I moved to Israel in January of 2015 I was a spiritual woman looking to deepen my connection to self and the world around me. I wanted to learn how the other side of the world meditated. So I said yes to weekends spent in desert Ashrams, yes to camping and hiking in nature and yes to kundalini, vedic and vinyasa yoga and meditation classes.

This is when I realized that if I wanted to really understand meditation, I had to go to the source. The place where meditation was birthed. Near the end of 2015 I moved to India. I lived in many diverse ashrams and spiritual centers, studied with wise gurus and spent weeks in silence cultivating a devoted, high-level and powerful meditation practice. A practice that transformed me into a calm, centered and present person.

Upon returning home and completing my MA in Clinical Psych and Education, everyone around me wanted to also learn how to overcome stress, anxiety and become a calm and centered person. I started teaching the same month I returned from India. Naturally clients started signing up to learn how to meditate. 

This practice, UpLevel Meditation, helped me overcome years of debilitating anxiety, limiting beliefs thoughts and release stress in real time.

I have shared these practices in Costa Rica, Israel, India, all over North America, showing thousands of my clients how they can shift into a healthier headspace and meditate. I have been featured in SXSW, NBC, FOX, Healthline and am a leading meditation educator and speaker at Google, Nike and Salesforce. 

Most importantly, I help people like YOU learn how to meditate and live a healthy and peaceful life.



Your meditation practice should be too


Live a stress and anxiety free life while improving your sleep


Enhance self-awareness, attention span and long-term memory


Generate kindness and compassion for self and others

Take a Deep Breathe

When you imagine yourself as a daily meditator what thoughts + feelings come up for you?

  • Do you feel union in your mind and body?

  • Do you feel calm, centered and present?

  • Do you experience compassion and love for self and others?
  • Are you engaged in your strengths and connecting to positive emotions?
  • Do you value yourself and experience profound moments of gratitude?
  • Are you expressing yourself authentically and releasing what doesn't serve you?
  • Do you lead by example and inspire mindfulness to those around you?

UpLevel Meditation is the 28-Day guided online course to support you in creating a long-lasting and powerful meditation practice.

This course will give you the support YOU need to meditate NOW and a practice to carry you for LIFE.

"This is like having Erin as your personal Meditation Guide everyday!"


Hi, I'm Erin...

 middle child, entrepreneur, yogi and business coach. I travel around the world sharing meditation with diverse corporations, on retreats and at festivals. Meditation helped me shift from anxious and reactive to grounded, confident and present. With my Masters in Clinical Psych from Columbia University + my time living in Israel and India I cultivated a dream meditation course of all my "best practices," to support your mindful life.

Feel free to check me out on Instagram and DM me to say hi!

Enroll Today!

What's included in the 

UpLevel Meditation

28-Day Course

UpLevel Meditation

A formula composed of standing active meditations, breath-work practices, movement, and concluding with a silent seated mindfulness meditation.

Ah! Welcome!

Here we dive into

  • Posture for meditation
  • Mindset for the next 28 days
  • Mindful check-in Survey, where you are now and where you desire to go

For 4 days you will focus on Union within, supporting the mind and body connection and honoring the mindfulness theme of beginners mind:

  • Listen to the Unity Audio on Day 1
  • Practice along with the 22 minute guided UpLevel Meditation Unity sequence video for 4 days straight
  • Reflect on the Unity worksheet 

For 4 days you will focus on Presence shifting into a state of hyper-awareness and connecting to the mindfulness theme of non-striving:

  • Listen to the Presence Audio on Day 5
  • Practice along with the 21 minute guided UpLevel Meditation Presence sequence video for 4 days straight
  • Reflect on the Presence worksheet 

For 4 days you will focus on Love, your relationship to love and doubling your devotion to self-compassion:

  • Listen to the Love Audio on Day 9
  • Practice along with the 21 minute guided UpLevel Meditation Love sequence video for 4 days straight
  • Reflect on the Love worksheet 

For 4 days you will focus on Engagement, using our strengths to increase happiness and focus on the mindfulness theme of letting go:

  • Listen to the Engage Audio on Day 13
  • Practice along with the 22 minute guided UpLevel Meditation Engage sequence video for 4 days straight
  • Reflect on the Engage worksheet 

For 4 days you will focus on Value connecting to a gratitude practice and healthful sleep meditations:

  • Listen to the Presence Audio on Day 17
  • Practice along with the 17 minute guided UpLevel Meditation Value sequence video for 4 days straight
  • Reflect on the Value worksheet 

For 4 days you will focus on Express focusing on practices of self-expression and observing the mindfulness theme of non-judging:

  • Listen to the Express Audio on Day 21
  • Practice along with the 18 minute guided UpLevel Meditation Express sequence video for 4 days straight
  • Reflect on the Express worksheet 

For 4 days you will focus on Leadership connecting to your zone of genius and embodying your inner leader:

  • Listen to the Lead Audio on Day 25
  • Practice along with the 24 minute guided UpLevel Meditation Lead sequence video for 4 days straight
  • Reflect on the Lead worksheet 

Observe yourself and see how these practices have UpLeveled your life. Conclude with a survey to see how far you've come and the meditation habit you formed. 

You have life-time access to these meditations and Live ones in our Facebook group.

Hear from Some UpLevel Meditators

Meet Greta and hear about her experience meditating with Erin learning how to ground, show up and implement these meditations into daily life rituals.


Meet David and hear how meditation with Erin supported him in overcoming anxiety and negative thought patterns.


Meet Cami and learn how meditating with Erin has been a nourishing, authentic and enriching experience. 


Inside the UpLevel Meditation Course

28 Days of content filled with guided meditation audios and videos to support inner peace and build a consistant meditation practice.

($3000 Value)

LIVE Meditations with Erin within the Facebook Group added periodically + Q and A sessions. (I love connecting with you!)

($1000 Value)

Private Facebook Group Community. A place to share your responses to the guided worksheet reflection questions and connect with like-minded UpLevel Meditators. 


If You're Stalling on Purchasing or Clicking Away THIS is What You Need To Hear

I have traveled to the corners of this world to find a carefully calculated algorithm to support myself and others in showing up for this life. This formula has become one of my signature offerings:

UpLevel Meditation.

This formula has helped my clients transform their fears into faith and bust through their own blocks.

Whatever you desire...

A Job

A Romantic Partner

A Nomadic life

Health and Happiness

Is on the other side of a deep breath. 

You have to start by sitting with yourself, connecting to what lies beneath the surface, and discovering your own breath. Your ability to meditate anywhere will transform your life. 

Through active meditation, standing practice, breath-work and silent seated meditation you will experience a life-altering practice. You will UpLevel

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you submit payment you will get an email with your login info for our course. Please save that email. Once you click on the link it will take you to UpLevel Meditation Online Course. Please bookmark that website so you can easily access. (to bookmark click the star in your browser)

This meditation course is perfect for:

  • Beginner to intermediate mediators
  • Anyone curious about meditation
  • If you desire to create a meditation habit
  • If you desire a peaceful mind

The online course guides you over a 28-day period or one month. However, you have lifetime access and can come back to it at anytime.

Erin will be guiding all of the pre-recorded meditation within the platform. Make sure to join the Facebook Community where Erin will go Live and share more UpLevel Meditations and offer Q+A sessions. 

Final Thought:

This is a course that I wish existed for me years ago. I wish I knew about these practices when I was deeply anxious, insecure and disconnected. I share this course from a place of: "this has radically served me and my life, may it also serve you."

Whether you choose to show up for this course or not, please take time daily to connect to your breath. Meditation is a powerful tool to return to self in real time. Thanks for reading,


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