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Here is a taste of Erin's Positive Psychology, Science of Happiness and Mindfulness Workshops


"Erin hosted an EQ and mindfulness workshop as a part of our week of wellbeing at Salesforce, one of several sessions we hosted throughout the week. Her expertise on the topic and sociability resonated throughout the office the entire week and her session was far and away the most impactful session we hosted. Our employees gave glowing remarks and have since implemented many of the practices and mindsets worked on throughout the engagement. Erin has an incredible presence and ability to connect with others, regardless of age, gender, or previous mindfulness habits. Erin has continued her work with several colleagues and has greatly impacted the happiness and wellness of our teams. I'd highly recommend any organization looking for a quick mental and spiritual reset to bring her in!"

-Mike, Salesforce, Chicago

Erin can be booked for a half day or full day of programming or a one-off session. She has shared these workshops with Fortune 500 companies, healthcare institutions, universities and nonprofits. Each workshop is interactive, encouraging group participation to facilitate positive change in the workplace. These workshops can be offered in-person or virtually.

Erin can also work with the client’s wellness or HR team to support regular wellness programs.

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"We’ve invited Erin in to present at our annual training/staff appreciation days for 2 years running now. Working as direct caregivers to patients in a world-class academic medical center is stressful and sometimes overwhelming. We want our staff to know that they are appreciated for all they do every day, but more importantly, we want them to know that self-care is just as important (if not more important) than the care we give others. Erin’s presentations on mindful meditation and emotional intelligence were well received and much appreciated by the staff. It bonded us as a team of fellow human beings in ways that no other team building exercises have been able to do. Erin is awesome!"

-Joan, Northwestern Medicine, Chicago

Emotional Intelligence

During this 60 minute interactive workshop individuals will come together and learn about EI, specifically self-awareness, self-regulation, and mindfulness. Speaking to emotional intelligence and how to increase EI in the workspace.

  • Self-Awareness - the individual’s ability to accurately perceive own emotions while also being aware of the groups emotions 

  • Self-Regulation - the individual’s ability to regulate one’s own emotions and support desired emotions in a group setting

  • Mindfulness - the individual’s ability to be calm, centered and accepting the present moment


  • Identify the three EI themes in the workplace including self-awareness, self-regulation and mindfulness

  • Apply the three EI themes to personal experiences and interactions with clients and coworkers

  • Learn EI tools including active meditation and mindfulness practices 

  • Recognize which EI tool to leverage in diverse situations

  • Establish mindful, inspired and empathetic employees

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"Inviting Erin to speak at our offsite was a fantastic decision. Working for a remote company can be isolating, and Erin's exercises and training helped us connect more deeply with each other, and with ourselves. I think many of us got outside our comfort zones, but in doing so, we all raised our conversations, and purpose, to another level."

-Zach, Admixt, Austin

Science of Happiness

During this 60 minute interactive workshop individuals will come together and learn about positivity and negativity bias and what determines their happiness. Connecting to character strengths, participants will come to understand how their thoughts determines their actions and consequences. We’ll identify the four different categories of active constructive responding and how to exemplify active listening. We’ll also speak to seasonal depression and lifestyle factors that play a role in workplace happiness.  Finally, we will discover inner values and desires and create small measurable goals to reach those markers.

  • Positive + Negative Bias - The unique impact that something positive or negative will impress on a person

  • Character Strengths - Diverse traits across cultures that exemplify a person’s strengths


  • Constructive Responding - Both the person receiving and the person delivering the news receives a positive outcome


  • Identify which types of responses are offered to the people around you

  • Apply your unique strengths to your work and personal life to live more fully and aligned

  • Learn which biases certain people bring into conversations and how to shift towards a positive direction

  • Recognize where happiness needs to be increased in the workspace and how to implement it

  • Establish positive and happy employees 

Mindful Meditation

During this 30-60 minute interactive workshop individuals will come together and learn about meditation. This active meditation workshop will increase immunity, lower stress levels and connect to your presence. It is a beginner’s level to encourage the daily practice of meditation for inner peace and self compassion. Breath-work + light movement + guided relaxation will leave you feeling calm and centered as well as informed on ancient and 21st-century meditation. Highlights will include learning meditations best for sleep, meditations best for panic and anxiety and best practices to live a calm, centered and present life. 

  • Meditation - A mental and spiritual practice of practices awareness in the present moment

  • Breath-work - Deep inhales and exhales that help produce a calm and centered headspace

  • Identify what types of meditations work best for a person’s needs

  • Apply diverse meditation techniques to support sleep, productivity and wellness

  • Learn the science behind meditation and why everyone is talking about it

  • Recognize times in the day where it is best to de-stress and meditate

  • Establish stress-free, calm and mindful employees

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Functional Medicine Nutrition and The Psychology of Eating

During this 60-75 minute interactive workshop individuals will come together and learn about the body and how it can be a form of self-Improvement or self-destruction. Delving into the psychology behind eating, we’ll explore why we crave and choose certain foods. We will speak to the types of foods that optimize functionality, overall health and high performance. Also, we will connect on healthy gut bacteria, lifestyle factors, and sleep hygiene. (Optional cooking demo)

  • Functional Medicine - Cutting edge research on the body and it’s connection to the the environment and the gastrointestinal, endocrine, and immune systems

  • Psychology of Eating - The story behind the foods a person chooses to eat and understand if they are helping or harming

  • Lifestyle Factors - The way in which a person sleeps, eats, moves, smokes and connects to other people during their life

  • Understand how to eat for optimum health to decrease sick days

  • Identify what in your lifestyle is supporting a person’s health goals

  • Apply healthy practices such as eating more colors, good bacteria and preparing the body for healthful sleep

  • Recognize which foods may be increasing mood fluctuations

  • Establish healthy and well fed employees

"Erin is amazing! I could see the team was skeptical showing up to work in yoga pants, but we really bonded together as a team as we learned about meditation and mindfulness, emotional intelligence and positive psychology. Opening up to this experience really brought us closer together as a team and we learned some great techniques to help cope when deadlines are approaching and everyone is feeling stressed."

-Alyssa, Prudential Insurance, NY/NJ

Women Centered Programming

During this 60 minute interactive workshop individuals will come together and learn about women, diversity and inclusion. We will speak to safe spaces for women to feel support through all stages of pre + post pregnancy. Participants will learn about the lifecycle of a woman trying to get pregnant while maintaining a corporate job. The workshop highlights the importance of women feeling supported in their environment and having empathic and understanding coworkers.

  • Diversity - Companies employee a diverse group of people with unique qualities

  • Lifecycle of Pregnancy - The back story and hormone fluctuation of women trying to conceive, during and post birth events

  • Understand what it is like to be a woman in the corporate world

  • Identify where support is needed for women in the workspace

  • Apply healthy practices for women such as having a room to breastfeed, meditate and breathe

  • Recognize the importance of cycle syncing and connecting to the natural circadian rhythm of women

  • Establish safe and healthy workspaces for women

Wellness Yoga

During this 60 minute interactive workshop individuals will come together and learn about eastern healing practices like yoga. Flowing in sacred geometry, we will honor all four corners of the mat and moving with an open heart. There will be options for high intensity, heart pounding Vinyasa flow or a restorative, deeper stretch. Open to beginners and advanced yogis.

  • Yoga - A physical, mental, and spiritual exercise

  • Eastern Healing - Practices that were birthed in India or on the Eastern hemisphere

  • Identify where the body is tight and how to breathe into tension

  • Apply yogic principles to feel positive and become healthy

  • Learn basic yogic postures to aid the body during times of stress

  • Recognize what types of exercises is needed to feel good

  • Establish healthful employees

Conflict Mediation and Resolution 

During this 60 minute interactive workshop individuals will come together and learn about conflict, specifically thinking traps, the reframe refocus method and techniques to promote oneness in the workspace. This will be a deep dive into supporting positive conversations and a sense of calm in the workspace.

  • Thinking Trap - Repetitive thoughts or patterns people commonly jump to in conflict

  • Reframe and Refocus - Reframing the point of view and refocusing on the core desire or need

  • Oneness - A unified work environment

  • Understand the thinking traps to prevent conflict
  • Identify conflict before it occurs
  • Apply mindfulness practices to stay calm in conflict
  • Recognize themes and patterns of conflict and where it is stemming from
  • Establish peace and collaboration in the workspace

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“If your emotional abilities aren’t in hand, if you don’t have self-awareness, if you are not able to manage your distressing emotions, if you can’t have empathy and have effective relationships, then no matter how smart you are, you are not going to get very far. ”

-Daniel Goleman


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