Certification Training from the UPEACE Centre of Executive Education + Spiritual Intelligence LLC in

Mindfulness and Wellbeing Strategy™ 


The Formula:


Attract your soulmate clients, immerse yourself in Chakra-led learning, create a signature offer, launch your soul-led business and avoid burnout + naivety as a new entrepreneur.

All while getting certified as a 

Mindfulness & Wellbeing Strategist™ 

This is for the change-maker who is ready to radically show up, take their truth into their own hands and share their medicine with the world. 

You have done the inner work.

You doubled your devotion.

You showed up for healing yoga.

You absorbed the free meditation videos online.

You ingested the self-help section of the library.

You turned your obstacles into power.

You learned, transformed and grew.

You are now ready to share the medicine that helped you transform.

You are ready to turn your passion into your paycheck.

Who is this for?

✔ I desire to own my own business.

✔ I want to live a life where I dictate my schedule.

✔ I want to support others to awaken to their gifts.

✔ I am open to diving deep within myself.

✔ I am here to honor my wildest and deepest desires.

✔ I give a shit about my body and want to learn new ways to support it.

✔ I see that when I hit an obstacle there are multiple ways to overcome it.

✔ I take care of my finances and spend money on experiences and trainings that nourish my gifts.

✔ I honor rituals and am open to bringing them into my life.

✔ I am a role model to other people and want to continue mentoring.

✔ I respect other people and appreciate the journey that we are all on.

✔ I am coachable, open to shifting my own thought patterns and ready for change.


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Get Certified & Be Legit AF

Hear From CMWS Alum

You get both the spiritual support & the business tools to launch your business & share the medicine on your heart.

Meet Erin

"I can't unknow what I know now that I want to be an entrepreneur...I got my first client while I was in the training!"


Meet Lauren and Jenna hit

"We mad six figure in our first 6 months in business"


Meet Sam

"This program allowed me to expand from just teaching about herbalism to including mindfulness, meditation & wellbeing strategy."


Inhale Deeply and Imagine This:


  • Waking up in the morning and diving into a calming morning ritual guided by you inner wisdom & understanding of eastern ritual & western psych
  • Making moves to shift away from your 9-5 job and spending you days in comfy clothes in your home office sharing the medicine on your heart or becoming a digital nomad :)
  • Soulmate clients booking you out until you are surpassing your monthly revenue goals (hitting 5 figure months!)
  • Feeling confident after finishing a call with a soulmate client knowing you're changing lives
  • Living a life of complete freedom where all you need is a wifi connection to carry out your soul-driven work of the day
  • Deep soulful spiritual support & confidence to know how to scale your business & transform your clients

You are worthy of this, I invite you in

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In case we haven’t met before my name is Erin. I have dedicated my life to the marriage between Eastern ritual and Western psychology. With my ivy league background in Clinical Psychology + my nomadic life living in Israel, India and throughout Asia, I created a certification that integrates a wide variety of supreme wellness modalities. In partnership with UPEACE, established by the General Assembly of the United Nations, we blended together a one of a kind certification program that will support you in showing up for your great work and the entrepreneurial journey, through mindfulness and wellbeing strategy.

This certification training focuses on eastern ritual, western psychology, mindfulness & modern-day entrepreneurship. These are concepts I speak  about on stages at SXSW, with elite athletes from NIKE & over zoom with Google. I am SO excited to share these transformational practices with you!





Included in The Certificate in Mindfulness and Wellbeing Strategy™

3 Month Of Business Magic


When you say yes to become a certified mindfulness & wellbeing strategist you get:


Three Monthly 60-Minute LIVE Group Coaching Calls with Erin

{Value $9997}

Hot seats, deep dive, coaching practicum and mindset training all happening with the brains behind this whole program, Erin! This is the space were you will quantum leap from where you are now, to becoming a confident & certified coach, to having the marketing skills needed to launch your dream business. 

Erin will answer all your questions in real time and guide you through positive psych, eq & mindfulness coaching skills. She will also guide you on how to launch your programs, design your offers with soul & creating a profitable business you love!

One session each month will focus on business strategy 

One session each month will focus on best coaching practices

One session each month will focus on meditation & spirituality 



The Vault: Signature Content

Value {$4997}

  • 10 Modules: 10 RECORDED Trainings filled with the core signature content of CMWS filled with eastern chakra, mindfulness & its marriage to western psychology 
  • 10 Mindful Meditations Practices: 10 recorded meditations to support your soul-alignment and your CEO embodiment 
  • 10 Mindfulness Worksheets: 10 practicum worksheets focusing on the  themes of mindfulness & how you can add mindfulness in your daily life & your coaching business
  •  The CMWS Signature Workbook:  training materials and readings from leading experts in mindfulness and modern-day wellbeing



The Exclusive CMWS Voxer Group Community 


You know what's better than beginning your entrepreneurial journey?! Doing it alongside other women who mirror your magic and are also desiring to take up space and thrive in the coaching world. 

This is also the container where Erin, will answer any of your questions regarding coaching, launching or CEO mindset in between our live calls. 



A prestigious certificate from UPEACE

{Value $1250}

Being Legit AF and getting certified from the highest institution we would dream up! Yes, your life credibility got you here and now you have a fancy title to add to it! Picture your name up above as a certified life & wellbeing strategist! 




{Value $1997}

6 modules of Erin's signature content to guide you in launching and growing your freedom filled & soulful online business. Topics include mindset, attracting soulmate clients, marketing, launching and selling. Everything you need to start hitting those 5K-10K months. 

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2022 Cohort Launching Soon

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"I signed up for the Certificate program with no prior formal experience in the mindfulness or wellbeing space. Throughout the program, Erin guided me through every step of building a wellness business. At the conclusion of the program, I have now launched my one-on-one coaching and corporate wellness business; this includes building my website, beefing up my social media, and pitching to leads. The guidance and experience I gained through the program are invaluable. I don't think I would be where I am without it."

Financial Wellness

You Receive High Level Biz Coaching + Become Certified in Mindfulness and Wellbeing Strategy


 Graduates of this training are trail blazers. Here are just some incredible ways they use their certification:

  • Changing lives with personalized 1:1 coaching
  • Supporting many people at once with soul-driven group coaching programs
  • Facilitating corporate wellness workshops
  • Leading Mindfulness sessions in hospitals and healthcare centers
  • Teaching wellbeing practices to children and teens
  • Curating wellness programs for school systems and at-risk youth 
  • Launching online courses and increasing passive income
  • Organizing impactful retreats and immersions
  • Supporting women with fertility health
  • Educating on financial wellness during the Pandemic


 *Swoon* many opportunities to support your soulmate clients and live an abundant life. They did it and YOU can too!

"This certification means more to me than my bachelors degree because I choose to invest in this for myself and my dream business."

Nora, Mindful Nanny + Coach for Kids

Meet CMWS Alum

Meet Marissa

"My biggest takeaway is the power of positive psychology & using my own skills/soul-driven work to meet my soulmate clients where they are...showing me what kind of wellness leader I want to be."


Meet Cami

"I feel prepared & I feel confident to launch my first coaching program."


Meet Elyse

""I want mindfulness and wellbeing to be at the forefront of how I support my patients."


Meet Nora

"This program has transformed my business in terms of pushing me forward as an individual to reach beyond what I thought was possible for myself and for the life I want to live."



Erin is an international expert speaker in the areas of meditation, mindfulness, nutrition, positivity psychology and entrepreneurship. She is also a multiple 6 figure business coach for purpose-driven women.

She regularly works with top brands like Nike, Salesforce and Google and has been featured in Healthline, SXSW, NBC, TZR, Mindbodygreen, and Fox Chicago.

Erin helps soulful entrepreneurs find their unique medicine, voice while launching and growing their dream businesses through integrating eastern ritual with western psychology.

Erin currently lives nomadically with her husband and would LOVE to answer any questions you may have about this certification training. Message her on IG @erinrdoppelt

The Vault Core Curriculum 

Yogic Breath Guided Meditation

Mindset & Habit Stacking

  • Embody your highest self

  • Add in mindful & sustainable positive habits/thoughts (while releasing the ones that don't serve you!)

Non Judging Practicum 


Sway Meditation Guided Practice 

Chakra 1 

  • Basic needs, Freud, Jung, Maslow & Hora
  • Building the foundation of your coaching business

Patience Practicum 

Peace Begins With Me Guided Meditation

Chakra 2

  • Cycle syncing, womanly ritual & birthing a soul-aligned business

Beginners Mind Practicum 

  1 Minute Breath Meditation

Chakra 3 

  • Money, meaning, shadow-work, archetypes & your core why 

Non Striving Practicum 

Loving Kindness Meditation

Chakra 4 

  • Love, ayurveda & crafting your offerings

Trust Practicum 

 Om Humming Meditation

Chakra 5 

  • CBT, A Course in Miracles & social media strategy

Acceptance Practicum 

Manifestation Meditation

Chakra 6:

  • Hypnosis, dream work & sales pages 

Letting Go Practicum 

Channeling Meditation

Chakra 7

  • Channeling, Assagilo, Maslow, Jung, & honoring lineage 

Gratitude Practicum

Energy Ball Meditation

Positive Psychology Training & using the PERMA model in coaching 

Generosity Practicum

Rainbow Meditation

Emotional Intelligence Training & using EQ in coaching

Self Compassion Practicum

  • Love, just you wait! Access to Launch Your Soulful Business/BASECAMP will give you everything you need to confidently launch, sell & grow your profitable coaching biz!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The 10 modules focused on mindfulness & wellbeing are recorded for you to listen to on your own time between our weekly live calls

You will also get access to Launch Your Soulful Business/BASECAMP online course to guide you in the needed steps to launch & grow your coaching business. Check out Basecamp Here

We have a pay in full option & two different monthly payment plan option. Go to the application and click apply to see details

We understand that our scheduled live calls conflict when some schedules. To receive the certification and to absorb as much of the program as possible we ask that you be present for the live trainings at least 50% of the time. 

Erin will be leading live calls three times monthly & is the guide for all the recorded modules. 

This is the Certificate in Mindfulness and Wellbeing Strategy. A business coaching and training program for the woman ready to radically show up for their soul-led biz. It is a 3 month program. We meet 3 times a month live and there are also 10 pre-recorded modules filled with meditations, workshops, trainings & practicums. You also get access to Start Your Soul Business/BASECAMP modules to launch & grow your business.

May this be your time to shine

May you show up


I get it, it's easier to play small and continue living within your comfort zone. However, we know that this is not where magic occurs. If you desire a life filled with freedom, soul-alignment and nourishment then send me an email and let's connect. I'd be happy to answer any questions and connect you with past alumnae who are living in their truth, sharing medicine with the masses and using practices within in the program to live their fullest life (while surpassing their revenue goals!)

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