Business Coaching and Certificate Training from the UPEACE Centre of Executive Education + Spiritual Intelligence LLC in

Mindfulness and Wellbeing Strategy 

Eastern Ritual, Western Psychology, and Mindful Entrepreneurship


Attract your soulmate clients, create irresistible offers, launch your soul-led business and avoid burnout + naivety as a new entrepreneur.

This is for the woman who is ready to radically show up, take their truth into their own hands and share their medicine with the world. 

You have done the inner work.

You doubled your devotion.

You showed up for healing yoga.

You absorbed the free meditation videos online.

You ingested the self-help section of the library.

You turned your obstacles into power.

You learned, transformed and grew.

You are now ready to share the medicine that helped you transform.

You are ready to turn your passion into your paycheck.

This is your invitation

Meet Gaby

"I’m cutting out all the bs in my life, envy, the impostor syndrome, and just allowing myself to dream and attract what I want the most. I’ve seen awesome results while doing the certificate, I facilitated my first Mindfulness 90 min talk. I also launched my group coaching program, 15 people signed up! More than the ones I originally was picturing. I can believe in myself I’m 100% confident that what I’m bringing lifts other people. I’m focusing on mindful living with life design, mindfulness and positive psychology. I love it! "


Who is this for?

If you say yes to this:

*I desire to own my own business.

*I want to live a life where I dictate my schedule.

*I want to support others to awaken to their gifts.

* I am open to diving deep within myself.

* I am here to honor my wildest and deepest desires.

* I give a shit about my body and want to learn new ways to support it.

* I see that when I hit an obstacle there are multiple ways to overcome it.

* I take care of my finances and spend money on experiences and trainings that nourish my gifts.

* I honor rituals and am open to bringing them into my life.

* I am a role model to other people and want to continue mentoring.

* I respect other people and appreciate the journey that we are all on.

* I am coachable, open to shifting my own thought patterns and ready for change.

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Outline of the course: 3 months


Participants will be guided with a physical workbook composed of training materials and readings from leading experts in Mindfulness and Modern-day Wellbeing. 

Cohort 2:  January 27th, 2020 - April 13, 2020 with April 2-7 in Nosara, Costa Rica [ENROLLMENT CLOSED -FULL]

Cohort 3: August 31st, 2020 - November 16th, 2020 with November 5-10 in Nosara Costa Rica {ENROLLMENT OPEN}

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"I signed up for the Certificate program with no prior formal experience in the mindfulness or wellbeing space. Throughout the program, Erin guided me through every step of building a wellness business - answering questions and always available to chat one-on-one. At the conclusion of the program, I have now launched my one-on-one coaching and corporate wellness business; this includes building my website, beefing up my social media, and pitching to leads. The guidance and experience I gained through the program are invaluable. I don't think I would be where I am without it."

Sarah, Cohort 1
As seen in SXSW, Nike, Columbia University

Hey future Wellbeing Coach,

In case we haven’t met before my name is Erin. I have dedicated my life to the marriage between Eastern ritual and Western psychology. With my ivy league background in Clinical Psychology + my nomadic life living in Israel, India and throughout Asia, I created a certification that integrates a wide variety of supreme wellness modalities. In partnership with UPEACE, established by the General Assembly of the United Nations, we blended together a one of a kind certification program that will support you in showing up for your great work and the entrepreneurial journey, through mindfulness and wellbeing strategy.  This is a business coaching course supporting you in launching and growing your heart-led business. 

Hear from Sam


With this Certification you can:

Take on 1:1 and Group Coaching Clients

Create and launch soul-centered coaching programs where clients cannot wait to book sessions with you virtually and in-person

Lead Trainings and Retreats

Picture your most dreamy destinations and then bring your community there to meditate, relax and connect more deeply to themselves

Facilitate Workshops + Speak at Events

Build wellness programming to share with corporations, conferences and festivals 

"This certification means more to me than my bachelors degree because I choose to invest in this for myself and my dream business."

Nora, Cohort 1  

Hear from Elyse


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Erin Doppelt's Formal Bio

Erin is an international expert speaker in the areas of meditation, mindfulness, nutrition, positivity psychology and entrepreneurship.

She regularly works with top brands like Nike, Salesforce and Google and has been featured in Healthline, SXSW, NBC and Fox.

Erin helps soulful entrepreneurs launch and grow their dream businesses to six figures and beyond through integrating eastern ritual with western psychology.

Erin is based in Chicago planning her August wedding and spends half the year traveling and leading trainings + retreats!

Inhale Deeply and Imagine This:

Seriously, take a deep lower belly breath!

  • Traveling for a speaking engagement and naturally receiving a direct deposit from a soulmate client you had a sales call with yesterday
  • Leaving your soul crushing 9-5 and spending you days in comfy clothes in your home office sharing the medicine on your heart
  • Dream client after dream client booking you out until you are surpassing your monthly revenue goals (hitting 5 figure months!)
  • Overseeing a team of compassionate employees who work to support your mission allowing you to take extended vacations and lunchtime yoga classes
  • Generating abundant passive income to support your during maternity leave
  • Naturally attracting partners and press that want to talk about your success and work
  • Living a life of complete freedom where all you need is a wifi connection to carry out your soul-driven work of the day

Are you in?

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East + West

  •  Soul immersion program, science of happiness

Business Focus

  • What is driving you to start your own business?
  • Becoming crystal clear on your soulmate client + client niche.


  • Non-judging

East + West

  • Chakra 1 : First Chakra our basic needs and the base of Maslow’s hierarchy. Making the unconscious conscious.

Business Focus

  • Curate an irresistible offer that your dream niche is hungry for


  • Patience

East + West

  • Chakra 2: Desire, inspiration, hormones, cycle syncing, sex and creativity.

Business Focus

  • Visibility and strategy making you magnetic to your clients


  • Beginner’s Mind

East + West

  • Chakra 3: Ego, self-identity, actions, digestion, the psychology of eating and archetypes.

Business Focus

  • What finances and legality do you need to birth this venture?


  • Non-striving

East + West

  • Chakra 4: Love, Ayurveda, authentic emotion, self love and self appreciation.

Business Focus:

  • What do you love about this product or service and why will the client buy it?
  • Monetization strategy and pricing + payment models


  • Trust

East + West

  • Chakra 5 : Speech, conversations, voice, speaking up about your great work

Business Focus

  • Social Media, marketing + elevator pitch
  • Time management and team delegation 


  • Acceptance

East + West

Chakra 6 :  Intuition, manifestation, inner knowing and calling in what you most desire. 

Business Focus

  • Long term + short term business goals


  • Letting Go

East + West

  • Chakra 7 : Connecting to purpose, lineage, inspiration and tapping into your highest self

Business Focus

  • Is this a scalable business and is this venture of highest good for myself and those around me?


  • Gratitude

East + West

  • Integrating the chakra system into the everyday

Business Focus

  • Choosing a web platform to build a list, sales funnel and copy editing. Who are your partners in the venture?


  • Generosity

East + West

  • Prepare for Costa Rica, Coaching practice

Business Focus

  • Website and social media branding and design, take on trial clients


  • Self-Compassion


Together in Costa Rica 

East + West 

  • Positive psych, EQ, breath-work, Meditation, yoga workshops, and ceremony

Business Focus

  • Deep dive on launching the program, writing the book proposal and naming your price 


  • Choose your own morning routine based on shared practices in Costa Rica

East + West

  • Leading with grace, truthfulness and authenticity

Business Focus

  • Business/program is launched or there is a clear model to follow


  • What is your relationship to Mindfulness and meditation 


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, magic occurs when women come together and talk about their dreams. The schedule is filled with mindful mornings, yoga movements, farm to face meals, laser focused coaching, sales funnel creation, opt in strategy, reengineering core programming, social media audits, and organic conversations by our private pool or along the beach! *swoon!* In this space you become magnetic and attract your soulmate clients in real time while birthing your soul-centered programming.

We offer flexible payment plan options to fit your needs. Please apply and then you will talk to Erin to find the best payment plan for you.

We understand that 8am CST may conflict when some schedules. To receive the certification and to absorb as much of the program as possible we ask that you be present for the live trainings at least 60% of the time. 

Hear from Sarah


Hear from Nora


Hear from Kate


Hear from Sarah


Are You Ready to Show Up for Your Great Work?!

A Note from Erin

I get it, it's easier to play small and continue living within your comfort zone. However, we know that this is not where magic occurs. If you desire a life filled with freedom, soul-alignment and nourishment then send me an email and let's connect. I'd be happy to answer any questions and connect you with past alumnae who are living in their truth, sharing medicine with masses and using practices within in the program to live their fullest life (while surpassing their revenue goals!)

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