83: Share The Truth with Dr. Sheila Nazarian

Dr. Sheila Nazarian is a board certified plastic surgeon, entrepreneur, mom of three, Jewish + Israel activist and the star of the hit Netflix show Skin Decisions. In this episode Dr. Nazarian shares how her family fled Iran and made it to The States, her relationship to Israel & how the Netflix TV show came to be. Some highlights are Dr. Nazarian's perspective on perfectionism, how she met her husband, the difference between "share your truth" and "share the truth." Dr. Nazarian tells us about her most recent trip to Israel, her thoughts on cancel culture, how she fights racism online and inspiring people to have the courage to speak up. Note from Erin: I am a huge superfan of Dr. Nazarian, to me, she embodies the phrase "you can have it all." Before and after the podcast recording Sheila was super loving and actually interested in learning about me, which meant a lot. She also shared some really wise advice post recording that I am taking to heart. It was such an honor to have her on the show! Connect with Dr. Nazarian: @drsheilanazarian on IG @doctornazarian on Twitter And Add her new podtcast: The Closet. ClosetPodcast.com


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