86: The Law of Massive Aligned Action with Erin

Hey everyone! In this video Erin dives into The Law of Massive Aligned Action - the actual practice to make your deepest desires and dreams a reality.

In this episode Erin explores the importance of knowing and trusting thyself, which also means honoring pitfalls. She also talks about the profound practice of deciding right now, in real time, and tools for subconscious reprogramming.

It may be best to watch this video with a paper & pen to take notes!

This is a must listen to episode if you desire to make your dreams a reality and want to combine both spiritual energetic practices and the physical action need to move the desire forward.

Erin Rachel Doppelt is a spiritual psychology & meditation teacher with her Master's in Psychology from Columbia University. She spent her 20's living in Israel, India and across Asia & Europe studying with diverse Guru's and yogic educators.

She is CEO and Founder of the international brand Spiritual Intelligence LLC which hosts certification trainings, business and spiritual courses to support those who desire to live their most unedited, nourished and soul-authentic life. Erin is the creator of UpLevel Meditation™ which is a specific active meditation framework supporting those in healing anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD & shifting negative thoughts towards the light.

Erin is also the founder of The Align Coaching Certification™ where you become a certified meditation teacher & spiritual psychology coach. Erin's work has been featured in Healthline, SXSW, NIKE, NBC and Google. She is from Chicago and lives nomadically with her husband.

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