87:4 Different Journaling Practices: Scripting, Morning Pages, Bullet Journaling, Fear Inventory with Erin

Comment below which journaling practice you will try first!

This is a must listen to episode if you desire to practice manifestation, brain dump, organization or ground your headspace through a writing practice.

1:05 Scripting
3:09 Morning Pages
5:24 Bullet Journaling
7:08 Fear Inventory

Erin Rachel Doppelt is a spiritual psychology & meditation teacher with her Master's in Psychology from Columbia University. She spent her 20's living in Israel, India and across Asia & Europe studying with diverse Guru's and yogic educators. You are listening to the Wise Woman Podcast. Please leave 5 stars and a review, take a screen shot and email us [email protected] for a chance to win SOUL IMMERSION a 12 module east meets west course for those looking to heal, align, grow and live their soul-authentic life.


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