90: Meditations for Insomnia and Before Bed to Have Restful Sleep

Hey everyone! In this episode Erin guides a gentle practice to move into before bed for restful sleep.

In this episode Erin explores legs up the wall and progressive muscle relaxation. This is helpful before bed or if you find yourself awake in the middle of the night.

This is a must watched video if you struggle with insomnia or are feeling unsettled or anxious before bed.

1:00 Legs Up The Wall
4:45 Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Erin Rachel Doppelt is a spiritual psychology & meditation teacher with her Master's in Psychology from Columbia University. She spent her 20's living in Israel, India and across Asia & Europe studying with diverse Guru's and yogic educators. You are listening to the Wise Woman Podcast. Please leave 5 stars and a review, take a screen shot and email us [email protected] for a chance to win SOUL IMMERSION a 12 module east meets west course for those looking to heal, align, grow and live their soul-authentic life.


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