4 Sacred Manifestation Rituals with Erin

Manifest Your Dream Life, Your Soulmate Relationships (platonic or romantic) & Reconnect to Your Highest Self

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{FREE} 90 Minutes of Manifestation & learning the 4 sacred rituals.

Together we will:

  • Move into a Manifestation Ceremony
  • Learn the powers of the subconscious mind
  • Define "The Quantum Leap" and how you can practice it for yourself
  • Get clear on the aligned actions needed to attract what you most desire
  • Create a ritual around your goals, desires & dreams (a practice that you will maintain for 40 days)
  • Learn about snapshot manifestation & how to implement this sacred practice into your everyday life

Bring paper and pen for the ceremony and any alter items that you feel energetically connected to (like crystals, grandma's shawl, oracle cards etc) 

Love, this is the exact practice I moved into to manifest my husband, my soulful business & all the wonderful soulmate clients I get to work with!


If you're ready to become a magnet for everything you desire, then show up :) 

A side effect of doing this manifestation practice is you will truly know what your desire and how you want to feel for the rest of the year.


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Welcome, I'm Erin!

I am a spiritual psychology teacher, meditation expert, biz coach & built most of my business while living nomadically. I spent my early 20's living in Israel, India, Italy + throughout Asia and then came back to The States to get my MA in Clinical Psych & Education at Columbia University. I am the creator or SOUL IMMERSION and The Align Coaching Certification™ where you become a certified meditation teacher and spiritual psychology coach.

I am a manifestation magnet. A witch. When I honor these 4 sacred manifestation rituals, miracles happen.

I desire this for you too. I support those on the awakening path by integrating eastern ritual and western psychology so you too can live your most authentic, joyful and soul-aligned life.

Street Cred:
I have been featured in NBC, SXSW, & Healthline as an expert meditation teacher, yogi, and wellness influencer. I am host of The Wise Woman Podcast, a 5 star rated Spiritual & Entrepreneurial Podcasts. 

Feel free to DM me on Instagram @erinrdoppelt to say hi!  

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