Welcome *Bowed Head* thankful to have you here!

Much of my journey revolves around listening to my inner voice, my inner guidance one baby step at a time. After undergrad, I worked in corporate marketing in Chicago while leading immersive experiences to Israel and Europe in the summer.The happiness and health that comes as a side effect of a retreat led to me understanding that humans need regular reminders to take a step back and breathe; we must have days that are different from our orderly, regimented schedule. (This is why I LOVE leading retreats and trainings all around the world!) 


Columbia University, New York, Masters earned in Clinical Psychology and Education with concentration in Spirituality, Mind and Body connection

Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach

Certified Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance while in Kerala, India

Completed 250+ hours of meditation at School of Divine India Ashram

Israel Educator through the iCenter and Shorashim

Something I believe in my core: That once you "know" you can never truly unknow. What this means to me, once you know that you want to travel or start a business or write a book or support people in waking up or become a mother, you can never distract yourself enough to unknow it.


This is what I call aligning with your purpose or essence energy. 


Aligning with your highest, most authentic self. 

And that right there is your greatest work. To show up for that which feels true for you.

No more understimulation

No more filling the void or toxic distractions

No more playing small

I am speaking to nourishment, soulful nourishment, life changing freedom, and living a life beyond your wildest dreams. 

My journey took me to Israel where I learned to live off the land, eat intuitively and holistically, reconnect to my lineage and understand the diverse levels of conflict. This was a deeply transformational time where I spent days listening to one Simon and Garfunkel record on repeat and asking myself existential questions. 

  • What is my purpose?
  • What does my highest self feel and think about xyz situation?
  • How can I best serve?

This led me to India. I served in the slums of Mumbai and educated youth on hygiene and studied meditation. While in India, I spent significant amount of time in silence, lived in many ashrams and spiritual centers and studied meditation, yoga, Ayurveda and yogic philosophy. Today, I used the Chakra system (the Eastern energetic wheels) as frameworks for my business coaching programs. In India I became raw, reflective and evolved into my own guru. I stopped searching outside myself, turned inwards, and birthed my own answers. 

I also became a meditation expert and that tool alone has transformed my life and the lives of my clients.

Upon returning to the states,

I began my Masters in Clinical Psychology and Education at Columbia University.

Here I studied the marriage between clinical psychology, mindful entrepreneurship, education and spiritual practice. 

I took everything I learned from living on the other side of the world and integrated it. The marriage of the East and West is the core of my business & the key to unlocking ultimate potential.  

Today, I coach change-makers, light leaders, yogi entrepreneurs & unique thinkers  in launching their soul-aligned business to 6-Figures and beyond.

I am a spiritual business coach that combines both the East, West & modern-day entrepreneurship to support my clients in sharing their medicine with the world. That is my purpose. 

I also  facilitate innovative mindfulness workshops in the areas of meditation, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, conflict competency, nutrition, yoga, and spiritual, personal and professional development with corporations around the world. 

You are also invited to check my podcast : Wise Woman Podcast

I also birthed UpLevel Meditation a 28-day online course teaching YOU how to meditate. If you desire to have a grounded, consistant and joyful meditation practice, then check this out HERE

My signature offering and what I am best known for is  The Certificate in Mindfulness and Wellbeing Strategy business coaching and training immersion.  This is for entrepreneurs ready to radically show up for their soulful work while also receiving a high-level certification - Check It

In authentic truth, I believe my purpose is to help people connect to their purpose, spread their light and show up for their highest selves. This is why I LOVE helping my clients reach their soulmate clients while sharing what is on their heart.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Walking softly,

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