"Live a life focused on FREEDOM instead of the hustle."

The VIP Coaching YOU Need To UpLevel Your Business, Sky Rocket Your Income & Birth a Brand Your Soulmate Clients Can't Get Enough Of.

What kind of life and business do you desire?

This is a tough question to answer. So take a moment here. Breathe.

What do you want?

What lights you up?

Where are you in the world and who is there with you?

How do you want to move throughout your day?

What is your purpose?


 If you desire to radically take action and live a life of alignment, abundance and pure freedom (where you dictate your schedule & all you need is wifi to carryon your soulful work) then I invite you to read on:


First, lets have a little bit of realness chitchat:

  • You are working to gain clarity on who a soulmate client is to you and you are ready to share your aligned messaging with the world (soulmate client MAGNET!)
  • You work all the time or you're always thinking about work and you're ready to implement systems to work smarter, not harder
  • You are crafting your programming, feeling lost in the details of when to what and ready to implement intuitive strategy to build an irresistible offer
  • You feel overwhelmed and unorganized, leading you to a standstill, and feel excited by using your natural circadian rhythm to hijack your productivity   
  • You understand that social media is important for your brand and are ready to start selling in your DMs, launching with soul, welcoming mega soulmate clients
  • You keep underselling your work and offering discounts (love, Louis Vuitton never gives discounts, neither will you!) ready to craft high-ticket offers, knowing full well, your time is worth $$$
  • You sell from a place of scarcity, keep having moments of imposter syndrome and are ready to release these fears and embody your 6 figure CEO Leader
  • You cannot wait to leave your 9-5 job, recognizing the entrepreneurial path is the path for you and ready to UpLevel now (like, weeks ago actually)
  • You have a routine that does not serve your highest self and ready to shift your schedule to support a life and business you are obsessed with
  • You are exhausted doing this work alone and are ready to work with a coach (who feels like a true partner!) to radically support you to shift, show up and thrive while earning the cash flow you desire 

I've been there. I get it. I know the feeling of being deeply inspired by your work and message but lacking the business components  to get this business off the ground...

Well not only off the ground but soaring into the mountain tops, through rainbows and into 6-figure heights. 

Welcome Love,

I believe a zillion things had to happen for you to land on this page. This is not an accident. This is is Divine Timing ;)

In case we haven't met before, my name is Erin. I'm a middle child, travel junkie and lover of all things "spiritual." I spent my 20's studying eastern ritual & western psych, lived in both Israel & India and  paid off my graduate school student loans the same month I graduated. I am a spiritual psychology & meditation teacher and am the CEO & founder of an international brand and abundant business.  Because so many spiritual & purpose-driven entrepreneurs reach out to me I also offering business coaching. 

Organically, clients starting coming to me asking if I could help them turn their passions into their paycheck. 

Today, I help my clients grow their brands to 6-figures and beyond. My purpose is to help healers, light leaders & change-makers strategically birth their programming into the world and share their medicine with soulmate clients. 

We do this by creating a clear business plan, launching soul-aligned programs and generating diverse income streams.

It would be my greatest honor to support you on this journey. DM me on Instagram to say hi or email me hello@erinracheldoppelt.com I'd love to hear what's on your heart. 

Big love,

P.s. On our video call we will build out your sales plan together taking the first step in co-creating a roadmap to alignment and success. 

Here from my past Soulmate Clients

"We created a whole new level of financial freedom...In the few months we worked together we made 6 figures in our business. We are so grateful to Erin!"



“Working with Erin has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business and my well-being. Erin leads with such an understanding of the divine feminine, woven into an experience of coaching that produces real results. I had my first 10k month working with Erin, and I’m so excited to see where the journey goes with her continued guidance.”


“Erin was recommended through a friend and after our first call I was on a high as I could immediately see the way all my passions would come together as my next venture. Since then, working with Erin has been the push I needed to launch that dream company! We jumped straight into strategy which led to a multiple 4 {6.6K} figure launch for my 1:1 coaching program and I’m already working on my next offering. She’s been both a cheerleader and a guide, supporting me through this intensely soulful process with ease.”


It's time to launch and grow your SOUL-ALIGNED life and business

  • Picture yourself moving throughout your day, connecting with soul-mate clients, feeling abundant and balanced, and taking long lunch breaks to meet friends for coffee or a long yoga class
  • Enjoy your Sunday nights (sans Sunday scaries!) knowing that you have a week of nourishing work ahead of you
  • Wake up to cash in the bank that occurred overnight because of your high-touch systems (passive income we love you)
  • Create online courses, masterminds, podcasts, retreats, e-books (all the jazz) easily through channeling your inner guru and birthing the content (like magic, but better)
  • Know within your core that everything is an energy exchange, and with your time and value, clients will pay $$$ because YOU are worth it
  • Adore sales calls as an opportunity to explore, connect, and inspire your potential soulmate clients (plus, you get my high-level selling with soul sales script, it's divine)
Book A Call

1:1 Coaching with Erin


This is for you if:

  • You are craving 1:1 support
  • You want to work with a coach that will take time to really get to know you 
  • You are not afraid to be called out on your own bullshit
  • You have many ideas and need to focus, organize and define a clear direction
  • You feel like you hit a sales plateau or the rise and fall in clients is not consistant 
  • You are mega coachable and ready to show up
  • You are down for spiritual talk, manifestation and woo woo witchy chit-chat (this is my jam!)
  • You are not afraid to be wildly abundant and live a luxury life
  • You are ready for consistant 5 figure months

Erin's coaching in mindful entrepreneurship is rooted in positive psychology (so you have a healthy headspace & mindset to share your great work), buyers psychology (so your soulmate clients are obsessed with you and easily purchase your offerings) , and for those looking to quantum leap to financial freedom, because that's my sourdough bread and butter!


You playing small ends now


Breathe in, Show Up

Hop On A Call With Erin

This is what's included in 5-Month 1:1 UpLevel Business Coaching:

  • 1 90-min deep dive session right away, the magic begins immediately! *Swoon* (Pay In Full Bonus)
  • 3 50-min sessions monthly (15 total!) (you basically get all my attention & can regularly borrow my brain)
  • Unlimited Voxer access to Erin (for those last moment ?s)
  • Access to all of Erin's online courses (you get all the goodies) This is Soulful Entrepreneur Basecamp, Soul Immersion & UpLevel Meditation 28-day online course
  • Access to personal connections and contacts (because my people may be just the people you need to expand)

Sometimes we pull a card from a Goddess Oracle deck, othertimes we ask The Pendulum for guidance, we breath, meditate and ground deeply  on calls (when needed!) This is spiritual business coaching at its highest level. Yes, you will learn how to launch your programs and attract mega clients, you will also double your devotion and grow your business in an aligned & soul-driven way. 

Hear from Soulfull Entrepreneurs 


Tianna Faye

“Business coaching with Erin is like a breath of fresh air. She is loving, motivating, and her energy is contagious — it’s impossible not to feel inspired around her. I came to Erin during a time when I was frustrated at my 9-5, and dreamed of quitting to start my own business. During our time together, Erin helped me gain clarity and confidence in taking actionable steps toward my business goals. Working with Erin ultimately gave me the courage to push past self-doubt, take a leap of faith, and take a chance on myself. Whether you’re a beginner unsure of where to start or an experienced entrepreneur looking for support in building a soul-aligned business, I cannot recommend Erin enough.”

Rena Shoshana

"Confidence: Erin was such a cheerleader, I felt I could succeed at anything the moment I hung up the call. Clarity & Acceptance (they kind of came together) - While the concept of building a business form abundance rather than from lack is not new for me, until working with Erin, I wasn’t sure how to implement this philosophy. Erin helped me to get clear about a plan that would allow me to have income as I build my heart-aligned business. She also helped me to accept that it is totally ok and normal to make money off something that is not 100% my passion as I build something that is."

Kayla Jeter

"From the moment I met Erin at the Nike Mentor Miles event, I knew divine timing was at play. Erin’s ability to not only serve as a Vision Holder in my life, immediately recognizing my unique gifts and light ready to be shared with the world, but also serve as a passionate spiritual guide throughout this process. As an Expander in my life, I am grateful for the work she has create for others to share their magic with the world."

What Will Your Legacy Be?

I don't play small, neither do my clients.

You are on this page, scrolling, contemplating, and deciding if this is the next right step for your business and you. 

You have come this far which shows yourself that you are intrigued. There is more freedom, joy and abundance possible right now, in real time. 

Instead of taking my word for it, listen to your inner knowing, your inner guru.

Why not you?

Drop out of your head and into your heart. May this be your time to shine, rise, and share your medicine with the world. Your soulmate clients need you.

Erin's 1:1 VIP spots are open for 5 people (they sell out fast!)

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