57: Alien Sightings, Spirit Animals, Learning Tarot, Wand Making and Theta Healing with Artist Rachel Farabaugh

podcasts Jul 13, 2020

In this episode Rachel enlightens us about the symbolism of Tarot, journaling psychic dreams, and how to connect with our specific spirit animal. Rachel tells us about her life on the road, leaving her engagement right before the wedding and the alien sightings she sees in Sedona. We also talk about Theta Healing and how it is therapy for this life and all past lives. Rachel and Erin touch on the phrase “As above, so below” as it related to extraterrestrials looking like insects. If you like woo woo and spirituality, then this episode is for you :)

Rachel Farabaugh is the artist and owner of Bohemian Dreamer in Sedona, Arizona. On most days she can be found painting Spirit Animals from her art studio and is currently writing a book on Animal Spirits that will include over 100+ of her paintings. On her days off, she spends time in nature exploring native ruins and caves around the vortex sites in Sedona.

In addition to being an artist, Rachel is a certified Theta Healer and has been immersed within that specific healing modality for nearly eight years. Rachel offers healing sessions with clients both in person and over the phone. Her other studies include KunLun, Ninjutsu, Alpha brain wave training and other mystery arts. Rachel has also dedicated over 20 years to developing her skills with the Tarot. She designed her own Tarot Deck, wrote a Guidebook and now offers readings both over the phone and in her studio in Sedona.


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