60: Flower Journey, Dream Rituals, & Everything You MUST Know About Plant Medicine with Shamanic Healer Jennifer Hickman

podcasts Aug 03, 2020

In this epode we have Shaman healer Jennifer Hickman (who does not call herself a Shaman because she believes authentic Shaman hide in the quiet). I call her a Shaman because being in Jennifer’s presence is healing. Jennifer shares her background studying under healers around the world. She tells us all about the healing powers and archetypes of flowers, how to connect to flowers and why she thinks I am a white daisy flower! Jennifer shares insights on plant medicine journeys and how to know when it is time to try a specific plant medicine. Jennifer shares specific mantras and rituals to follow when connecting to your inner world and dream work. I so adore Jennifer, we met at Columbia University, and I this episode is pure medicine. 
Jennifer is a holistic wellness practitioner, teacher, and school administrator based in New York City. With nearly two decades of experience, she works from a heart-centered perspective to empower her clients and students on their self-healing journey. Her personal experiences in this lifetime and extensive training in holistic healing and practices have allowed her to build a busy practice of clients from the US and abroad.  More recently, Jennifer has created Fullbloom Circle, a virtual wellness space that hosts webinars and wellness circles where attendees can learn practices, tools, information, and methods for support during this time of a global pandemic and movement against racial injustices. Jennifer's training includes flower essence therapy, spiritual healing, psychology, and curanderismo (traditional medicine and healing from Meso-America). She holds certifications in prenatal and postnatal yoga and two master's degrees from New York University and Columbia University. Jennifer has worked as a writer, editor, and in the arts. http://www.fullbloomhealing.com/about

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