66: My 100K Launch: How I Did It

podcasts Mar 15, 2021

Wow - that was fun!

In this IG TV I talk all about my 100K launch and exactly how I did it

Topic I dive into:

✨ The concert ticket method of launching and how to know if this is the right protocol for you

✨ using multiple freebies and offers to inspire and connect to the hearts of my soulmate Clients

✨ The importance of CEO days to take up time to ideate and inspire yourself to get in a flow state to birth your medicine

✨ The importance of elements and how you can use that to make money and connect to self

✨ The luxury of working with soulmate clients you are obsessed with

✨ launching while staying connected to the core desired feeling state of freedom, balance and ease

Are you interested in a 100K launch? Message me xo
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