67: ROI: Return On Intention with Vitina & Lesley Align Creative Minds

podcasts Mar 29, 2021

Lesley Nimmo & Vitina Blumenthal, founders of Align Creative Minds, help soulpreneurs gain the confidence they need to increase their income and continue creating a positive impact on their clients' lives.


They’re two wellness-loving, expansion-focused graphic designers and entrepreneurs that have spent over 12+ years creating, launching and relaunching brands; ranging from mainstream to wellness industry.

They’re excited to share their expertise with wellness and spiritual entrepreneurs to help them become a credible source in their industry and help them expand their online presence and audience. Ultimately leading to more healing and transformation in the world.

In this episode Lesley & Vitina share with us how we can elevate or messaging & serve our soulmate clients by investing time in our brand. These epic women also guide us on how our brand is so much more than typography & a color palette. We speak about perfectionism, creating a brand that reflects your purpose energy, and how to know which colors reflect your true nature/personality. 
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