70: You Come From The Future with Editor & Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine Jason Feifer

podcasts May 24, 2021

In this episode we talk about failure, mindset and vulnerability. Jason also shares why he can’t taste or smell anything and where he would go on his Eat, Pray & Love journey.

Jason Feifer is the editor in chief of Entrepreneur magazine, and host of two podcasts: Build For
Tomorrow, a show about the things from history that shaped us and how we can shape the
future; and Problem Solvers, about entrepreneurs solving unexpected problems in their
He is currently writing a book about how to find opportunity in change, to be published by
Penguin Random House in 2022. His previous book, a romantic comedy that he wrote with his
wife called Mr. Nice Guy, is currently being developed for television.
Prior to Entrepreneur, Jason has worked as an editor at Men’s Health, Fast Company, Maxim,
and Boston magazine, and has written about business and technology for the Washington Post, Slate, New York, and others.


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