73: 30 Things I've Learn in 30 Years Part 3 of 3

podcasts Jul 13, 2021

Hey beauties, this is a combo of spirituality, mindset, love, entrepreneurship, alignment & Erinisms. These are the lessons I wish someone told me and also the truth on my heart. May it serve you. 
In this episode we dive into the truth behind showing up, food as a language of love, believing in yourself, being guided by God, mystic experiences in both Israel & India and taking the truth in your hands to live your most radical life. Please message me on IG I would love to connect with you @erinrdoppelt
Erin Rachel Doppelt is a business coach, meditation expert, host of Wise Woman Podcast and sought after new-age wellness & business speaker. Erin spent her early 20's living in Israel & India studying yoga, ayurveda, nutrition, mediation and how the East connects to spirituality. After receiving a little bit of wifi while living in a mostly silent ashram in India, Erin received her acceptance letter to Columbia University. 
Organically after building her own successful spiritual coaching, retreat & wellness business she became a business coach. Erin works with purpose-driven and ambitious women in launching and scaling their heart-led business in alignment. Erin's work has been featured in Healthline, SXSW,  Bustle, NBC and MindBodyGreen. 
Erin holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology & Education from Columbia University. She currently lives nomadically with her husband and is working on her first book. Message her on IG to connect @erinrdoppelt 

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