Wise Woman Podcast

Wise Woman Podcast

Hosted by: Erin Rachel Doppelt

Welcome to The Wise Woman Podcast birthed into the world by Erin Rachel Doppelt. Erin is a Spiritual Psychology & Meditation Teacher with her Master's in Clinical Psychology and Education from Columbia University....

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87:4 Different Journaling Practices: Scripting, Morning Pages, Bullet Journaling, Fear Inventory with Erin

Comment below which journaling practice you will try first! This is a must listen to episode if you desire to practice manifestation, brain dump, organization or ground your headspace through a writing practice. 1:05...
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86: The Law of Massive Aligned Action with Erin

Hey everyone! In this video Erin dives into The Law of Massive Aligned Action - the actual practice to make your deepest desires and dreams a reality. In this episode Erin explores the importance of knowing and...
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85:That Sucked. Now What & Moving Through Your Coming To God Moment with Dr. Neeta Bhushan

Dr. Neeta sold her large million-dollar cosmetic dentistry practice, to help others find magic in their mess. As part of her own journey to becoming a leader in her field and a voice for women & women of color,...
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84: Manifest your dreams in 2023 with Snapshot Manifestation, Aligned Action, & "I Am" Statements

In this episode Erin dives into the life changing practice of Snapshot Manifestation and how it inspires course correction and aligned action. Erin also talks about the powerful practice of Soul Time and how to work...
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83: Share The Truth with Dr. Sheila Nazarian

Dr. Sheila Nazarian is a board certified plastic surgeon, entrepreneur, mom of three, Jewish + Israel activist and the star of the hit Netflix show Skin Decisions. In this episode Dr. Nazarian shares how her family...
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82: How to Use Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Ether to Shift Your Energy with Erin Rachel Doppelt

In the episode Erin shares how you can tap into the elements to shift your energy to heal, align and grow. Erin offers specific techniques on how to work with each element and how simple little shifts can deepen your...
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81: My Morning Routine + 7 Life Changings Practices & Tips with Erin Rachel Doppelt

In this episode Erin shares 7 transformational themes she implements in her morning routine and how you can do the same to live a soul-authentic life. This episodes dives into habit stacking, lower belly breaths,...
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80: Snapshot Manifestation & Calling In Your Deepest Desires & Dreams

Snapshot Manifestation is how I called in all the miracles in my life including my soulmate husband. If you love manifestation or if this is new to you, then this episode is for you! Snapshot Manifestation also has...
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79: How I Got My Literary Agent + Book Proposal Writing With Erin Rachel Doppelt

In this episode Erin shares everything she did to land a prestigious NYC literary agent & agencies plus how she created her book proposal. Please share with anyone who wants to birth a book as there are many juicy...
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75: Design Research & Innovation For Conscious Leaders & Brands with Hannah Duffy

Episode #75

In this episode we have Hannah Duffy design researcher, innovation and meditation expert. Erin interviews Hannahs about:- Why design thinking and innovation will be vital to help conscious leaders help their clients...
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76: Healing Through Sound with Becca Laurito

Episode #76

In this episode we have professional musical Becca Laurito share with with us how transformational sound can be in our lives.We speak about:- Why Sound is such an effective tool for healing and meditation. - Common...
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77: Healing the Subconscious in Your Life and Business with Jenna Brown

Episode #77

In this episode we have Jenna Brown subconscious healer for women in business. We dive into:-feminine business is based off of honoring your energy, cycles + your unique design -the issues you are facing in your...
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